STATE OF THE ART (II) – Dr. Mykola Nazarov – Resilience of the Ukrainian Population: a Longitudinal Study

Resilience during the war in Ukraine (2022-2024)
Abstract: War has its logic of development, it goes through appropriate stages, changing both the picture of the battlefield and the attitude of citizens to the war. The full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine in 2022 significantly affected both world processes and domestic political and social dynamics. The first year of the war was characterized as an „existential war” or „war for independence” and was felt as a struggle against an existential historical threat, which was subjectivized in the image of the Russian Federation. As important features of this stage, we highlight high indicators of individual, social, and community resilience, morale, and hope; at the same time, high indicators of distress and a sense of danger. The change in military operations at the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and from the second half of 2023 gives us grounds to put forward a hypothesis: from the stage of „war for independence” the military conflict in Ukraine is transformed into the next phase „routinization of the war”.


Dr. Mykola Nazarov currently works as a Director of Research Centre for Regional Security based in Sumy State University, Ukraine. He is a Civil Security for Society Programme Committee Observer, Programm Horizon Europe (Brussels, Belgium). Since 2021 he is an expert of „Resilient Ukraine” project supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Nazarov participated as an invited speaker in dozens of international conferences and seminars; also he often participates in expert debates on Ukrainian and international media. He is an associate professor at Sumy State University and engaged in analytical work on behalf of Ukrainian and foreign institutions.

Dr. Nazarov specializes on regional security issues as well as national and societal resilience. In cooperation with ICDS (Estonia) he conducts quantitative and qualitative research on security issues, identifies gaps in societal resilience and updates them at the local and national level. During 2020-2022 Dr. Nazarov works as a scientific supervisor of international project “Study the key security challenges in Eastern-South Ukraine and NATO-Ukraine relations in the region” (supported by NATO Public Diplomacy Division). As an analyst of the Center for Social research (Sumy State University) he conducted research on societal resilience in regions of Ukraine differently involved in the war.

Dr. Mykola Nazarov completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Sumy State University and his Ph.D. (Political science) in Kharkiv Karazin National University.

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